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My mission.

Elevating Conscious Clubbing Through Hypnotic Beats and Spiritual Energy.

About Me: The Journey of Christian Reich

Starting his journey in a childhood bedroom in Jena, Christian Reich has evolved into a respected DJ since 1999. His musical repertoire spans Organic House, Afro House, and Techno, and his sets are known for their driving grooves and hypnotic beats.

Christian has played at some of Europe's most renowned clubs, including the Source Club in Oslo, Comfort 13 in Tel Aviv, U60311 in Frankfurt am Main, Sass Club in Vienna, Kassablanca in Jena, Fate Club in Berlin, and Centrum in Erfurt. His residency at Lysa Club in Hermsdorf and releases on labels such as Legotek Records, Moma, and Asymmetric Dip underscore his musical prowess.

What sets Christian apart are his unique influences from South America, Africa, and Asia. His sets are energetic and interactive, and he has a talent for creating a trance-like dancing atmosphere. His background as a Tantra teacher allows him to connect deeply with the crowd and direct the energy in the room.

Musically, he was shaped in the '90s by the local techno scene in Erfurt and Leipzig, with influences from artists like Marusha and Mark Oh and the Love Parades. Labels such as Freude am Tanzen and DJs like Matthias Kaden, Marek Hemmann, Matthias Tanzmann, and the Wighnomy Brothers have significantly influenced his development. His travels to South America and Asia, participation in shamanic ceremonies, and practices in Tantra and Yoga continuously inspire him and infuse his music.

Christian aims to promote the culture of conscious clubbing. He is dedicated to creating a natural high through music, free from chemical substances. For him, electronic music is a spiritual experience, a meditation that brings listeners back to themselves and their bodies, recognizing the body as something sacred.

After moving from Düsseldorf to Cologne in 2023, Christian has a dynamic personal history. He was once a corporate consultant, is divorced, and now works as a Tantra teacher and men's coach. His deep love for music and experiences with shamanic Ayahuasca ceremonies shape his unique perspective as a DJ.

My Sound: Energetic, Hypnotic, and Unique

  • Afro House
  • Deep House
  • Melodic House & Techno
  • Organic House / Downtempo
  • Tech House

Live Performances:
Experience the Energy and Vibe

Performance Highlights: Clubs and Events Where I've Played


  • SASS Music Club, Vienna
  • Susiklub, Vienna
  • World Bodypainting Festival, Seeboden


  • Berolina Bay, Düsseldorf
  • Bodhi Studio, Cologne
  • C.Keller, Weimar
  • Canape, Trossingen
  • Centrum, Erfurt
  • C'est la vie, Kahla
  • Clacson Flow @, Webradio
  • Cosmopolar, Erfurt
  • Emma Peel, Düsseldorf
  • Engelsburg, Erfurt
  • E-Werk, Weimar
  • Fate Club, Berlin
  • Fort im Friedenspark, Cologne
  • Freakschanze, Erfurt
  • Fusion Club, Münster
  • Gleis 22, Gera
  • Ausderanstalt, Cologne
  • Halle 02, Heidelberg
  • Heimatpfad, Webradio
  • Kasseturm, Weimar
  • Kassablanca, Jena
  • Klangkino, Gebesee
  • Klangraum @ afk max, Nürnberg
  • Klarsicht, Falkensee
  • Leuther Mühle, Nettetal
  • Loft, Neuss
  • Lysa Club, Hermsdorf
  • Manga Club, Jena
  • Miro Club, Gera
  • Night in Motion @ Lotte, Weimar
  • Parkhouse, Düsseldorf
  • Presseklub, Erfurt
  • Rodeo Club, Berlin
  • Rotkompot, Düsseldorf
  • Querbeat-Lounge, Webradio
  • Sputnik Lounge @ Sputnik, Halle
  • Stilvoll Club, Neuss
  • Stylechaos @ Funkwerk, Erfurt
  • Sub Bassics @ OKJ, Jena
  • U60311, Frankfurt a. M.
  • United Clubzone, Tautenhain


  • Comfort 13, Tel Aviv
  • Maxim, Tel Aviv
  • Riff-Raff, Tel Aviv
  • Roof, Tel Aviv
  • Salon Berlin, Tel Aviv
  • Shesek, Tel Aviv
  • Syncopa, Haifa
  • Weiss, Tel Aviv


  • Source Club, Oslo


  • SomaBreath Training, Koh Phangan

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